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We are a friendly clan, we focus on PvM'ing, but all are welcome. We help with all aspects of RS, such as skilling, questing and moneymaking.
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 Weekly event.

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PostSubject: Weekly event.    Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:08 am


Okay, so a couple of weeks ago when Fatal Playz had a drop party, I got a little bit of the loot. I told myself that whatever it takes, I'm going to help this entire clan out. This includes all new members as well. After a week, an idea dawned upon me. This idea is a clan event that anyone could participate in and get a reward. The rewards will be based on who gets the most xp in a particular skill with a minimum of 600,000gp gained, will be explained after rules. Each skill has a number corresponding to it, and the number will be drawn through a randomizer and will determine which skill it will be for that week. no one skill will be the same 2 weeks in a row. Your goal is to get as much experience as possible in a weeks time. Scoring will be based off of percentage earned, not experience earned.

Skill numbers:


So, the rules are pretty self explanatory. Since there are no xp boosts in the game, there's no way to "cheat" other than botting. Which I strongly recommend you do not do. (1) that comes with getting banned. (2) You will not be rewarded if it's suspected. (3) You won't be able to participate, and then you have to deal with Playz, Dayz, Nightz, and Teletolumby with whatever they want to do with you after that.

On those terms, the rules are:


The reward rates will be a flat rate for now. With a minimum pot value of 1,000,000gp, the minimum buy in value will be:


With x meaning the number of participants.

So with that being said if there are 5 participants, the minimum buy in will be 200,000gp, but you do not have to throw in the minimum. There is no maximum. You may only win once every 3 weeks. You may still participate, but you will not receive a reward even if you have won.


XP Percentage scaling:

Now for the requirements:

Minimum of 100,000xp in the skill randomly selected for that week's event
Money for that event to join

That's about it guys! Let me know what everyone thinks about this. Remember it's up to YOU to decide to put this event in to play.

Happy scaping.
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Weekly event.
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